I value that the school provides opportunities for children outside of the everyday curriculum
Parent Survey, 2022

Who are the Governors?

Trafalgar School Governing Body 2022-2023
Name of Governor Type of Appointee Date Appointed Pecuniary Interest Governors Responsibility
Claire Copeland Executive Headteacher January 2017 None  
Joanne Bennett (Chair) Directors Appointee September 2019 Portsmouth City Council: Head of Business Growth, Relationships and Support Progress and Outcomes
Richard Barlow (Vice Chair) Directors Appointee January 2021 Havant and South Downs College: Deputy Principal Careers, Education and Employment
Claire Haque Parent Governor November 2019 Housing, Portsmouth City Council and Two Saints Hope House Safeguarding
Sarah Swaffer Staff Governor February 2022  None   
Kate Moran Co-opted May 2022 None  
Frank Jonas Co-opted by LGB Mar 2023 None Health & Safety
Lyndsay Parsons Co-opted by LGB Mar 2023 None SEND
Governors who have served on Trafalgar’s Local Governing Body
Name Type of Appointee Appointed Stepped Down
Lisa Freeman Staff Governor June 2015 December 2016
Rachel King Parent Governor June 2015 December 2016
Sian Sewell Headteacher June 2015 December 2016
Duncan Georgeson Directors Appointee June 2015 January 2017
David Hepburn Director Appointee March 2016 May 2017
Cat Vaughan Staff Governor February 2017 July 2017
Sean Sayer Parent Governor February 2017  July 2017 
Helen Tippet  Parent Governor  June 2015  December 2017 
Kelly Dawkins  Parent Governor  September 2017  July 2018 
Matthew Stratton Directors Appointee June 2015 September 2018
James Mansfield Co-Opted Governor February 2017 October 2018
Sue Wilson Directors Appointee October 2015 September 2019
Julie Barratt Co-Opted September 2018 June 2019
Tracy Kyle Parent Governor September 2018 November 2019
Yvonne Barber Co-Opted July 2019 September 2020
Stacy Ryan Staff Governor May 2018 February 2021
Luan Meades Parent Governor September 2018 June 2021
Stephen Sheehan Co-Opted Governor March 2019 June 2021
Philip Bentley Parent Governor November 2019 December 2021
Chris Murphy Staff Governor September 2021 January 2022
Lois Neale Co-Opted Governor September 2021 March 2022
Roger White Co-Opted Governor October 2021 July 2022
Louise Dixon Parent Governor January 2021 April 2022
Cher Duggard Directors Appointee July 2022 January 2023