Travel And Tourism

“The calling of Humanities is to make us truly Human in the best sense of the word.”

We strive to prepare our students for the world of work by developing transferable vocational/employability skills. These skills will support students planning to enter employment in the travel and tourism sector or who wish to progress to further vocational qualifications at college and university. We aim to ensure that our students develop a range of personal skills and attributes needed in the workplace. We encourage effective team work to develop the skills needed to become independent learners. Our students are fully supported within our inclusive department.

Our aim is to inspire and enthuse students by providing a comprehensive and challenging programme that will:

  • give students the opportunity to gain a broad knowledge and understanding of the travel and tourism sector
  • develop relevant skills in the travel and tourism sector
  • provide students with a route through education that has clear progression pathways into further study or an apprenticeship.

Our curriculum offers balance and an engaging and stimulating introduction to Travel and Tourism. This gives our KS4 students the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in a practical learning environment. The curriculum allows students the opportunity to develop key skills such as research, report drafting and writing/presentation skills; embedding the skills that modern businesses desire in employees.

The intent of the course is to provide all our students with the skills they would need to be successful in the world of Travel and Tourism.

Key Stage 4: 

All students  complete 2 years of study at Key Stage 4, starting the course in September of year 10. 

We study four units over the two year course:

Unit 1, The UK Travel and Tourism Sector. This looks at how tourism contributes directly and indirectly to the UK economy.

Unit 2, UK Travel and Tourism Destinations. This looks at how and why UK tourism has grown.

Unit 3, The Travel and Tourism Customer Service Experience . This looks at the experience customers receive from a wide range of organisations within the Travel and Tourism sector. 

Unit 5, Factors Affecting Worldwide Travel and Tourism. This investigates why events such as natural disasters and terrorism affects the travel and tourism sector.


Assessment Window

Assessment Type (topic)

Year 10

16th October - 3rd November 2023


 Unit 2 - UK Travel and Tourism Destinations 

  • There is a requirement that students complete independent research for this course. 
  • Students are given key organisations or key destinations to research depending on the unit being taught.
  • Students are expected to complete a research folder which supports their coursework. 
  • A number of key visits will take place throughout the two year course to local and national travel and tourism organisations. 

Welcome to BTEC Travel and Tourism at Trafalgar School.

I am incredibly proud to lead this subject.

My aim is to engage students in the ever changing world of Travel and Tourism. We do this through a carefully planned curriculum which aims to provide an engaging and stimulating introduction to this amazing sector.      



Laura Hudson (Director of Humanities)