Inclusion sits at the heart of the practice of all within the school and there is strong evidence that the commitment to adapting the curriculum to the individual needs of students reflects the highest of ambitions for their most vulnerable students
Russell Bennett, Director of Education - GLF Trust


"Technology is best when it brings people together." - Matt Mullenweg

Trafalgar School’s IT department ensures that students can develop their own digital skills and passions. We prioritise this because we recognise that a broad understanding of computers and computing plays an important role in all walks of life. 

In IT,  students will understand how to stay safe online, communicate, and use a range of devices and software. They will develop their technical skills as well as the ability to think critically, problem solve and evaluate successfully. It is our intent that students are well prepared and motivated by the prospect of future careers in the technological world.

Key Stage 3: 

Students will be assessed on 6 strands, equally weighted, including: Computational Thinking, Programming, Networking, Hardware, Data and Information Technology. 


Assessment Window

Assessment Type / Topic

Year 7

25th April – 6th May 2022


Landmark assessment - IT, Computational Thinking, Programming

Year 8

25th April – 6th May 2022


Landmark assessment - Hardware, Computational Thinking, Programming

Year 9

13th - 24th June 2022


Landmark assessment - Networking, Computational Thinking, Programming 


Key Stage 4:

The IT Department offers 3 courses at KS4:

GCSE Computer Science:

GCSE Business:

V-Cert Interactive Media:


Assessment Window

Assessment Type / Topic

Year 10

13th - 24th June 2022


Written Mock Exam, 1 hr 30 mins. Hardware, Binary, Networking, Programming, Computational Thinking

Year 11

from 13th May 2022


GCSE Exams begin 

In KS3 students are offered a Digital Leaders club where they can explore their wider computer science and general technology passions and interests. 

KS4 students are required to complete one piece of homework per week, related to topics they are studying in class.

There are also trips to the National Computing Museum and Bletchley Park running in Activities Week. 

Welcome to IT at Trafalgar School.

I am proud to be the Curriculum Leader for IT working with a fantastic team of staff to deliver the absolute best IT curriculum for our students.

Our team is passionate about all things digital!



Chris Murphy (Curriculum Leader)

Charlene Simms

Aamir Kohli

Annika Ghose