Vertical Tutoring & House System

The House system is at the heart of how we operate as a school community.  The House system provides students with a sense of identity and belonging.  There are a wide range of inter house activities throughout the year, in all aspects of school life. Students gain points for their House through participating in the House events and performing well academically via the rewards system.

The four Houses: Britannia, Sovereign, Temeraire and Victory, compete throughout the year to win the Attendance Cup, the Sports Cup, the Progress Cup and each year, the house which has collected the most points will be awarded the much sought after House Cup!

Current champions (2021/22):

Attendance Cup - Temeraire House

Progress cup - Sovereign House

Sports Cup - Britannia House

House Cup - Temeraire House

Vertical Tutoring – Frequently Asked Questions

As a relational school, vertical tutoring helps us to create a more supportive family atmosphere where strong relationships between staff and students, and between students, can be built. There is no hierarchy, meaning that students feel a sense of belonging within the school community regardless of year group

They meet every morning (unless there is an assembly) for 20 minutes

Community circles play a crucial role in how we build our relationships here at Trafalgar School. Every Monday and Friday, each tutor group is split into 2 circles, each led by a facilitator. On Mondays we check in after the weekend and on Fridays, we check out together

There are no plans to teach students in vertical groups in our mainstream lessons although there are some nurture groups which can have students from mixed year groups in them


Vertical tutor groups are made up of students from all year groups with Year 11 students often taking the lead in community circles

There are four houses with eleven tutor groups in each house – Sovereign, Britannia, Temeraire, and Victory

Each House is led by a staff Head of House. Students are also encouraged to take on leadership roles within their House and all houses have Student Leaders at different levels

All staff at Trafalgar School are Form Tutors and there are usually at least two attached to every group

We would plan to put students from the same family in the same house to make communication with home easier

Not unless there is a special request in which case this will be looked at on a case by case basis

If it is subject related then the class teacher is the point of contact – more general queries can be directed to the tutor in the first instance and the Head of House thereafter

The Form Tutor will have daily contact with the students so will be able to monitor academic progress and wellbeing

There will be capacity for both House and Year assemblies so that specific cohorts of students can be given appropriate guidance at relevant stages. Members of the student support team will have particular responsibility for providing information, advice and guidance at key points in a student’s career

Team building activities will be part of tutor sessions in September so all new students fit in quickly. A key feature of our tutor groups will be their warmth, closeness and loyalty so everyone soon feels they fit in, even if they are not with friends initially

Mr Cathie, Assistant Headteacher -