“The calling of Humanities is to make us truly Human in the best sense of the word.”

Our curriculum helps our Geographers develop a deep understanding of the processes and flows that shape our planet. We aim to ensure that our students can apply their knowledge, understanding and skills they have learnt to investigate the world they live in for themselves. Through a curriculum which responds to current challenges and issues, we aim to inspire our students to question the world around them. 

We recognise that Geographers are multi-talented people and through both our KS3 and KS4 curriculum we consider how the past influenced the present and how we might shape the future. Through debate and discussion we develop good oracy skills and are able to present both sides of an argument before reaching an informed decision. The curriculum gives our Geographers opportunities to become skilled at presenting and recording data, using maps and charts to analyse information. Our Geographers develop their IT skills and use of  GIS systems to enhance their learning.  

By studying geography we aim to look for answers to questions about the way our world works and how both humans and nature interact to make our world what it is today.

Key Stage 3: 

Students will be assessed on their world knowledge of locations, places and geographical features and how these change over time. Through geographical enquiry they will be assessed in their application of skills in observing, collecting, analysing, evaluating and communicating geographical information.


Assessment Window

Assessment Type (topic)

Year 7

25th April – 6th May 2022


Landmark assessment (Analysing the patterns of crime)  

Year 8

25th April – 6th May 2022


Landmark assessment (Ecosystems)

Year 9

13th - 24th June 2022


Landmark assessment (Globalisation)


Key Stage 4 

For students opting to continue studies at KS4, the GCSE on offer is AQA Geography. 

We study the following: Paper 1 - Living with the Physical Environment

                                   Paper 2 - Challenges in the Human Environment

                                   Paper 3 - Geographical skills and application  


Assessment Window

Assessment Type (topic)

Year 10

13th - 24th June 2022


 Resource management 

Year 11

from 13th May 2022


GCSE exams begin 

  • At KS3 students complete home learning tasks once a fortnight using Google Classroom. This increases to once a week in KS4. These tasks are linked to and build upon that which is covered in lessons.
  • Geography Eco Club runs every fortnight during Thursday lunchtime, hosted by Miss Burrows  in HUM 7. An opportunity to debate and discuss current global issues.     
  • Humanities film club (KS3) runs each week after school, hosted by Mr. Coram. The films selected help to reinforce the in-class curricula of Ethics and Philosophy, Geography, and History.
  • As we move on from a COVID world, the Geography  department is eager to take the students out of the classroom and into local environments by visiting our local forest, coast and river. .  

Welcome to Geography at Trafalgar School. As a department, we aspire to utilise our expert knowledge and experiences to inspire our geographers to develop a curiosity for the complexities of the world. We aim to create knowledgeable and independent learners who possess a strong sense of respect and empathy in terms of the diverse global issues and challenges we face.  

I am incredibly proud to be leading an amazing team of geography teachers who are passionate about the subject they teach. Their commitment to ensure that all students enjoy engaging and challenging lessons is evident through their high quality teaching and the progress our students make.   


Debbie Chandler (Subject Leader)

Hannah Burrows

Matt Gronow

Alice Raeburn