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Parent Survey, 2022

Trafalgar commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day 2024

31 Jan 24

In January we marked Holocaust Memorial Day, with a week-long commemoration of tutor activities, including reading about the Cambodian Genocide, and watching an assembly about the fragility of freedom and the story of Leon Greenman.

On the day itself, the whole school came together to hear the testimony of Hedi Argent MBE, who survived the Holocaust and Nazi persecution she faced in Austria. Students said they felt huge empathy for Hedi and found her story fascinating. In doing so, the students have become important witnesses to the history of the Holocaust.

We have also had a visit from Portsmouth North MP, Penny Mourdaunt, to meet with Mrs Hudson-Roberts, Miss Arnold and some Year 9 and 10 students to see the work that we have been completing towards our Beacon School accreditation.