Home School Agreement

Parental Agreement

I/We shall:

  • Ensure that my child attends regularly and on time
  • Contact the school with a clear explanation, should my child be absent
  • Support my child to make outstanding progress by encouraging them to appreciate the importance of hard work, organisation and commitment to their studies
  • Assist my child’s home learning by making sure assignments are completed
  • Make use of the student planner, school website and Insight, to check the details of home learning assignments
  • Support effective learning by reinforcing the school rules and expectations and by supporting reasonable sanctions as detailed in the Behaviour Policy
  • Ensure that my child follows the school uniform code.


Student Agreement

I shall:

  • Attend school and lessons regularly and arrive on time
  • Try my best to improve my learning
  • Write assignments given to me by teachers in my planner and complete work on time and hand it in for marking
  • Follow the school rules and the school expectations
  • Treat all members of the school community with courtesy and the environment with respect
  • Follow the uniform code in school and between school and home
  • Seek help from staff for any problems I have in school and at home
  • Hand school letters to my parents and remind them to update the school with any change of address, telephone numbers and email addresses.


School Agreement

We shall:

  • Recognise and reward students who have excellent attendance and are always punctual to school
  • Always contact parents/carers if we have not had any contact to explain their child’s absence on their first day of absence OR if the school becomes aware that they may no longer be on school premises without permission during the school day
  • Hold the highest expectations of all, as we recognise this aids excellent behaviour for learning and, in turn, excellent progress
  • Always aim to work closely with parents and students to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students
  • Aim to return any contact you make within 48 hours.