Personal Development Days

PD Day 1

Our first PD Day of the year took place in October, students worked hard developing the social and moral compass that will make them successful adults.

Year 7 worked to select the charities that each house would raise money for across the year.

Year 8 learned about human rights and why they are important to us all.

Year 9 used all of their detective skills working as forensic scientists to gain a clearer understanding of how crimes are solved.

Year 10 developed their understanding of healthy relationships and sex.

Year 11 welcomed ‘Positively Mad’ and learned key revision skills that would help make their first set of mocks a doddle!


PD Day 2

Our second PD Day of the year took place in December, students worked hard developing the social and moral compass that will make them successful adults.

Year 7 worked on developing their resilience. Being resilient is so important for everything you do because if we never fail or never have to work hard to achieve our goals, we can’t learn from our mistakes and we cannot improve.

Year 8 learned about how to make sense of relationships, exploring gender stereotyping, sexual behaviour, consent, puberty, sexting and relationships at home and school.

Year 9 took part in the stock market challenge, with teams competing to see who could make the most profit across the day!

Year 10 had a much requested session from last year, learning about how to manage their personal finance: using bank accounts, learning the importance of interest rates and understanding credit cards.

Year 11 focused on careers and well being, learning how to structure revision effectively and researching college applications and how to write them!


PD Day 3

We held our third PD day of the year in February and it was a very impactful day for our students.

There were lots of brilliant sessions that helped raise awareness amongst our students of a number of issues. Students learned about how to be an active bystander, whilst our Year 9 students saw the return of the ‘Prison Me No Way’ Team for the first time since before the pandemic. Our Year 11s had a visit from the Positively MAD team and worked on their revision techniques.

Our Compass Team were available all day to support students who found any of the subject matters particularly challenging and they continue to be available going forward to any students who wish to discuss matters raised by the day.

“The thing I found most useful was actually the talk with Paul Hannaford. Although I hated the images and they made me feel sick, I thought it was a really good lesson for Year 7 and Year 8 to learn about why not to do drugs and any other illegal stuff. It can lead to serious consequences and change your life as well as your family’s too!”

- Year 8 student


We also received this lovely feedback from the group running the Prison Me, No Way session:

“We would like to say a massive thank you to all at Trafalgar School, we had an amazing day! Paul Wilkinson (the CEO of Prison Me No Way) emailed to let us know that Lady Edwina Gosvenor, the charity’s founder, who visited the year 9 sessions yesterday thoroughly loved the school.”

Well done Trafalgar!


PD Day 4

In March we held our fourth PD day of the year, with the focus being around health. Year 7 looked at creating healthy relationships, Year 8 took part in a Duke of Edinburgh taster day with our field becoming a sea of tents and students learning how to make those all vital hot chocolates!

Year 9 looked at how to have a healthy mind in difficult times, whilst Year 10 had a last minute change and looked at how to promote their own mental health and wellbeing. Year 11 took part in exam booster sessions and could be seen going on scavenger hunts and other fun exciting activities to help with their revision skills.


PD Day 5 – coming soon!