Inclusion sits at the heart of the practice of all within the school and there is strong evidence that the commitment to adapting the curriculum to the individual needs of students reflects the highest of ambitions for their most vulnerable students
Russell Bennett, Director of Education - GLF Trust

Extracurricular Opportunities

Article 29. Education must develop every child’s talents and abilities to the full. 

At Trafalgar School it is our aim to ensure students develop a lifelong love of learning. In addition to our formal curriculum, we offer a broad range of extra curricular opportunities to inspire passion for existing and new areas of interest.  This offer provides students with the cultural understanding, resilience and communication skills needed for them to excel beyond school.

All curriculum areas offer a wide range of trips during the year in addition to a range of clubs both at lunch times and after school.

We are committed to ensuring that all students have access to a wide range of experiences. If your child is in receipt of the Pupil Premium grant and finance is a barrier, please get in touch and we will look to support you and your child.



After school 3-4pm



Film club Y7-8 (English 4)

Homework Club 7-11 (Library)

French and Spanish reading club 7-9  (Languages 1 and languages 4)

Yoga 7-11 (Dance studio)

Years 7-11 Rugby. (Field)

Years 7-11 Table Tennis.  (Gym 2)

Design Technology Workshop (Tech 1)


Years 7-11 Basketball. (Gym 1)

Year 10 Art catch up (Art 3)

Year 10 Photography catch up (Art 2)

Performing Arts Club (Drama Studio)

Homework Club (Library)

Mathematics Club (Maths 5)

Years 7-11 basketball (Gym 2)

Years 7-11 hockey (Gym 1)

Years 9 -11 football (Field)

Year 7 -8 Trampolining (Main Hall)

UNLOC Public Speaking/ Debating (English 2) 

IT Homework Catchup (IT1)



Years 7-11 Basketball. (Gym 1) 

Geography in the News (Humanities 7) 

Young Carers Support Group (Maths 4)


Band Club (Music Room)

 Dance club (Dance Studio)

Homework Club (Library)

Foreign Film Club (Languages 2 -French & Languages 3- Spanish)

Years 7&8 boys’ football (Field)

Years 7-11 netball (Courts)

Football Reading Stars (Gym)

Year 9 -11  Trampolining. (Main Hall)

Years 9-11 Duke of Edinburgh (English 6)

Humanities Film Club (Hu4)



Years 7-11 Basketball. (Gym 1) 

Production club (Drama Studio)

Cipher Challenge Club (Maths 2)

Digital Leaders (IT1)

STEM Club (Sci2)

Homework Club (Library)

MFL homework club (LA2)

Years 9-11 BTec/GCSE PE practical activities (PE area)

English Home Learning Support Club (English 7)

Years 7-9 Art Workshop (Tech 2)

Years 7-9 Photography Workshop (Art 2)



 Homework Club 3- 3.30 (Library)


activities week

Activities Week runs towards the end of the summer term. This promises to be a week packed full of exciting opportunities, which will enrich the experience of our students. Each department has planned a variety of activities, which focus on enhancing the learning of students in their subject. We see this as our chance to get out into the community far and wide.

For any further questions or queries please contact us on

To make payments for any trips, please click the link below:

Parent Pay